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Robbie Whitmore-Tennesse (aka: Ol' Whit/ Rich Man Money-Bags/ Richard/ Plywood/ or Thelonius), Was born in South Carolina, Tennesse at the age of 2. After an incarceration period of 3 to 5 years, Whitmore-Tennesse became a check-forger, eventually cashing $600 Million (or 600 million in dollars), in fraudulent checks.


Very little is known about Whitmore-Tennesse, though it is said that Whitmore-Tennesse keeps a journal, however at the end of each written page Whitmore-Tennesse sets fire to the journal, leaving historians and scholars little information.

It is known however that Whitmore-Tennesse was born into a wealthy land-owning family in 1865. After having run away from home during the Great Tennesse Revolt, in which his parents were not murderd, at the age of 5. Whitmore-Tennesse returned to his parent's plantation a year later; though upon return he found his mother had died of malaria-cancer. The largest gap of Whitmore-Tennesse's life exsists between the ages of 10 and 17, (10 and 17 in dollars), though we do know he was enrolled in the "Busch school for Acellerated and Slightly Gifted students," where, it is rumoured that after solving the problem of 26 + 26, his Mathematics teacher put down his marker and said "I shall never count again." It was learned recently from a half-bruned letter that was recovered from the remains of his former plantation house, that Whitmore-Tennesse was an avid painter, musician, sculptor, as well an ardulent con-man, and social engineer.


Whitmore-Tennesse's Father.

At the age of 22, Whitmore-Tennesse enjoyed a brief stint as the Mayor of Capalleni City (pop. 800).
Mayor pic

Whitmore-Tennesse's Mayoral Photo.

From this point Whitmore-Tennesse appears to almost disappear completely,

poppin up in various locations. Though it is widely believed that Whitmore-Tennesse has taken up temporary residence in Florida for the time being, as he frequents Italy for post- quaternary education.


Robbie Whitmore-Tennessee is known for having accomplished the first recorded equistrain-massacre, where in Whitmore-Tennessee tracked, wrangled, and killed more than 500 rare-breed horses; not utilizing the horsesin anyway, other than leaving them in an open field. Whitmore-Tennessee is also noteable for his generous donations to Give Homeless the World, and the Make-a-Fish foundation, in which children are given the opportunity to make fish.

More recently however, it has been confirmed that Whitmore-Tennessee is to play a pivitol role in the writing, producing, and acting of/in "Babe Golfers 6: Golf Harder." Though, due to Whitmore-Tennessee's constant habbit of setting fire to anything he signs his name to, his pay and contractual obligations are difficult to track down.