"Babe Golfers 6: Golf Harder," is the up-and-coming, non-intended sequel, to the "Babe Golfer," series of action, thriller, romantic, bio-pics, documenting the life of Greg Stevens.

Though at first delayed due to numerous re-writes and creative fluctuations fom the films various directors/ producers/ actors. A final script is still in the works.

"Babe Golfers 6: Golf Harder," as of winter 2012, has no approximate release date.


The original screenplay was penned by Geoff and completed in late 2007/early 2008. It sat largely dormant until December 2011, when Kyle proposed that he could apply film school principles to re-write the script into a project able to be completed by amateurs on a close-to-zero budget.

The first thirty pages of the revised script were completed by Kyle a mere day afterward. With the intention of filming the project to completion during the available 2011-2012 winter break, a trailer was released, and a number of scenes and sound clips were recorded.

However, due to scheduling conflicts, difficulty in realizing a number of effects, scenes, and characters called for in the script, and diverging opinions concerning the direction of the film, production has been postponed indefinitely.